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There are many ways to give. You can give securely online or in person.

You can also mail your donation to:

Grace Chapel | 178 Cornwell Street | Forest City, NC 28043




Give in person

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Our declaration in FAITH!

As we obey The Lord in bringing our tithes and offering we make the following declaration in faith! According to Malachi 3 the windows of Heaven are opening over every area of my life and my blessing will be more than I can contain! The plans of the enemy to bring destruction to any area of my life will be cancelled so that I can enjoy the abundance of life Jesus spoke about in John 10! According to Deuteronomy 28 the blessings of The Lord shall overtake me! I am blessed in the city and in the field, my children are blessed, my vocation and investments are blessed! I am blessed going out and coming in! The Lord is commanding His blessing in all that I undertake! Every enemy that comes against me shall flee before me seven ways! This is my declaration and my commitment is to take what God blesses me with and to bless others and to further the work of God's Kingdom!

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